Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cruise Phase - Day 8 (PL)

Weight this morning: 63.6 kg

Woohoo!! I'm down again :D It was a bit discouraging on Sunday, that I completely forgot to update the posts.
Anyway, here I am back in the business :D It was a bit difficult watching people eating fruits, chocolates, ice-creams, but I kept telling myself that I've eaten A LOT of those things before, and it's true I don't feel like eating them. I am discovering new tastes now.

1 pot yoghurt nature 0%
Coffee with skimmed milk

Chicken salad at Exki (Avenue Louise) - had to remove the croutons and the grana cheese, and I used only half pot of their light dressing

Afternoon snack:
1 pot fromage frais 0%

Pan fried chicken liver
2 eggs omelette with chicken ham

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