Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy New Year 2011 !!!!!!!!!!!!

Just to update on my progress on this diet.
I am still on phase 3 (Consolidation phase). I think that it will end on 7th February. That means I am entering phase 4 (Stabilization phase) which is for life!!!!
Yes you must be thinking this diet sucks because it's for life. Actually, our whole life should be based on good diet.
As I looked myself in the mirror, I was wonder as until when I will have this 52-53kg body. Just trying to see myself at the age of 50, and still have that body. Can I? *shivers*
I noticed that my body had dramatic changes every 10 years. I think that this time I am wiser and will be more prepared when whatever change hits my body.

So what have I been upto?
As for the food, it's winter than there are festive seasons. December is a very difficult time for dieters. No joke. Not only you feel that you must eat something stomach warming, and you have all the festive seasons, the travellings, the end of year stress, etc etc.. which is more the reason to seek comfort food. I have been missing most of my Protein Thursday, and I ate more than 2 gala meals per week. Not good, not good. I noticed that now when all dusts are settled, I had picked up the bad dietary habit. Again, not good.
It's time to get back on track!

I still continue going to gym. Fortunately, the gym I went to is open even during festive season. So it is a matter of going there and do the exercises. Unlike Dec 2009 where I was busy with travelling, I did not go to the gym for the whole Dec! This time (Dec 2010), I managed to skip gym only on the last 1 week and a half. Yay!!!

For festive season, I managed to show off my new body :D Well, for all those difficulties, it would be insane to not show off a bit. Right?
A lot of people asked me how I managed to lose weight and get to where I am now. I will cover that in my next post.

Happy New Year 2011. All the best to those who new year resolution is to lose weight. For those who already on the track, keep on living the life you've chosen and hope it will give you greater success and happiness for this year!