Thursday, July 15, 2010

Attack Phase - Day 4

Weight this morning: 63.9 kg

Now I'm scared to go on the scale every morning. I do hope that each time brings me lower number. But so far so good.
Looking forward to really put this into gear.
According to the Dukan projector (top of my homepage), today should be my last Attack phase day, and I suppose to reach 63.7kg. As planned for the start, I want to do the attack phase for 5 days instead of 4. Just to complete the phase according to the week day. Let's do this!

1 pot of yoghurt nature 0% with dash of sweetener

5 Chicken ham rolled with surimi

Afternoon break:
Coffee with skimmed milk (with sweetener)

Biscuits matin with small glass of skimmed milk
Roasted chicken (without the skin)
1 pot of fromage frais 0%

* A dose of 60 mins Body Step :) and yesterday a dose of 60 mins Body Jam :D

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