Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cruise Phase - Day 7 (PP)

Weight this morning: 64.05 kg

Hmm... it's been 3 days that I have been 'yoyo-ing'. I hope that this will stop and I maintain my 63kg. Today I will spend the whole morning and afternoon with some visiting friends. We will do some walk around Brussels. We planned to eat mussels for lunch. Huhuhu there goes my à-volonté friets!

Biscuits matin
Skimmed milk

Mussels at Léon de Bruxelles (there are some bits of celeri, butter and spring onion - I just avoid eating the celeri and spring onion)
Coca Light (Diet Coke)

*Then watched my friends eating sorbet and Godiva chocolate-covered strawberries

Oven-grilled salmon and chicken livers
1 pot of fromage frais 0%

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