Why me, Why Dukan?

My attempt to lose weight using the Dukan Diet.

This is my first time on a diet. I have always believe to eat what I want and not to restrict myself to certain kind of food or doses. If you know me and follow me on facebook, one of my passions in life is food. I love high quality food. When I cook or bake, I did it in a yummy way. But I have always be careful in what I put, always a high quality product and not just adding some greesy shortening or lotsa sugar.

Anyway, this is my first time doing a diet to lose weight.

Why lose weight?
Although there are ppl who are nice enough to say that I do not need to lose weight, but there are ppl who are not nice enough to say that I am fat. So I had enough of that and I know that I gained a lot of weight for the past 2 years. Yes I gained 10kg in early 2008 through end of 2008.

Why not just exercise to lose weight?
Starting summer 2009, I go to gym and did minimum of 3 hours per week. But still I did not lose weight. But I feel stronger and more energize, yet I still have the weight that I gained before. Then I realized that maybe I need to regroup myself and see what I really need to eat and not to eat.

Why Dukan diet?
Some ppl around me mentioned that this diet works for them or for some ppl they know. When I read an illustrated Dukan Diet book, it motivates me.

I do not know where this diet will bring me. But I hope that I am able to lose some weights and that I discover new way of eating and cooking/baking.

Let's do this!