Friday, October 8, 2010

Cruise Phase - Day 89 (Last Day of Phase 2)

Weight this morning: 54.4 kg

89 Days and I lost 11.3 kg :D Now the easy part has finished. The difficult part comes.. that is to maintain the weight and not to regain the 11 kilos!!!


Phase 3 Consolidation starts tomorrow with the duration of 110 days (11 kilos lost x 10 days).

What's in store in Phase 3?
- As the word 'consolidation' it is the phase where some unauthorized foods in Phase 1 and 2 are now allowed with strict quantity. I could now consume 1 portion of fruit per day, up to 40g refined cheese, 2 slices of whole wheat bread per day, 2 portions of starch food per week except white rice and potatoes.
- Two 'gala' meal per week: where you can have a fulcourse meal of any that you desired (without refill)
- Protein Thursday: Pure protein as of Attack Phase

This is an important phase to follow to avoid the rebound effect.

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